Colbert is a recurring character in My Knight and Me. He is the head of the Quest Desk.



Colbert is seemingly a short, elderly man. He wears a brown robe, which covers his legs, a tag that signifies his role, and a pair of glasses.

In Fearless Colbert a photo indicates he has worn glasses since he was young.

Physical features include a bald head, gray hair that goes around the back of his head, a gray mustache, and a gray beard.


Not much is known about Colbert's personality, as he remains stoic most of the time.

Although, in Fearless Colbert, when Jimmy and Cat find out that Colbert never passed his final knight exam, Colbert begs the 2 not to tell anyone. Before they could say anything, Colbert packs up and almost leaves, until Jimmy and Cat agree to help him with his exam.

When trying to complete his exam, he seems to be unfit for being a knight, barely being able to do a "knight roar", and appears to be scared of battle.


Colbert works as the head of the Quest Desk. He ranks knights based on points, which they earn by doing knightly actions (such as saving people, etc.).


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  • Colbert and Lady Fontaine may have a romantic relationship, as they're seen dancing together in Bad Bad Mandolin.
  • Despite never finishing his knight exam, he's still the head of the Quest Desk.