This is the page for the FAQ, aka Frequently Asked Questions.


Question Answer
Can I be promoted? Click here to see how to be promoted.
Why can't I edit some pages? You can't edit some pages because they have been protected due to vandalism, spam, etc. Some pages are protected to new users, so only users that have been editing for some time on this wiki may edit them. Important pages, such as the Staff Members, cannot be edited by normal users.
How do I make a redirect page? The wiki community can be vague about redirect pages so this is a clear version on how:

1. Click "Add New Page".

2. For the title, name it what you want the page to redirect to.

3. Go into source editor, and type #REDIRECT (page you want the title to redirect to)

4. Click "Save Page".

Any more questions coming? Yes, request them in the comments!