Lance White is a squire, and an antagonist in My Knight and Me. He is usually snobby and stuck-up, and bullies Kurt and Jimmy often.


Lance wears white squire attire, which includes a white chest piece, a belt around his waist, white boots, and chainmail undercoating. Physical features include Blonde hair, which roughly resembles an M, blue eyes, and blonde eyebrows.


Most of the time, Lance acts stuck-up and snobby. He views himself as superior to the other squires, and likes to bully Jimmy (formerly) and Kurt, usually stealing Kurt's lunch.


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  • It's possible that Cynthia may have a crush on Lance, almost kissing him on the cheek in the beginning of How To Save a Princess.
  • Lance is unskilled when playing a trumpet, though he claims to be skilled and he learned how to play the trumpet from Calvin.