This is a list of all the Minor Characters in My Knight and Me.

Princess Cat's Horse

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Horse Hallucination

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Bad Jack's Relatives (Excluding Bjorn)

These are Bad Jack's relatives that appear in The Cat and The Swan. They are multi-colored dragons with the same model as Bad Jack.

The Swan

The Swan is a hero in the land of Epic. She is said to have defeated all of the villains (that are a threat to Epic), and eventually got killed by Bad Jack when he dropped a tower on her. In The Cat and The Swan, the Queen is disguised as her in order to intimidate Bad Jack.

Freddy the Fierce

Freddy the Fierce is an unseen villain, mentioned by Henri Orange in The Cat and The Swan, specifically in the Dragon Song.

Unnamed Princesses and Squires

There are dozens of unnamed Princesses and Squires in My Knight and Me. They are only seen as cameos, however, and do not have any speaking roles.

Unnamed Blue Knights

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Rock Monster's Grandma

In Ronny and The Rock Monster, the Rock Monster gives Ronny Flash a plate of rocks, meant to eat, that he says are his grandma's recipe.

Dark-skinned Cyclops

In Back to School, there's a dark-skinned cyclops that chases after the normal Cyclops and the 2-Headed Giant when they're trying to steal the knight's new armor. He doesn't have any voice lines.


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