This page lists all of the relationships that Princess Cat has with all of the characters throughout the series.

Jimmy Orange

The Helmet of Epic 23

Cat and Jimmy

Princess Cat is often like a sister to Jimmy. They share a close bond and enjoy fighting together. Usually, whenever Jimmy's obsessive side takes over something, Cat is always there to bring him back to reality. They often look out for each other and help each other out of situations, such as Cat coming to rescue Jimmy when he and Lance are trapped in Bad Jack's cage in The Challenge, and Jimmy sneaks Cat out of Princess School to fight Madame Witch in Witch Hunters.

Henri Orange

Princess Cat looks up to Henri as a normal friend, and sometimes a mentor. However, she is oftenly annoyed by Henri's clumsiness, but may also agree with his plans on some occasions. In Attack of the 50ft Squire, she seems to like Henri's mutton recipe. Overall, she sometimes look up to him as a father, and likes to go on missions with him.

Her Mom

The Queen and Cat share a strong relationship. The Queen is fine with Cat going on missions with the gang, and knows her secret feelings for fighting.