The Rock Monster, as it's name suggests, is a humanoid rock monster in My Knight and Me.


The Rock Monster is a large humanoid figure made completely of rocks. Strangely, it has 2 brown, human eyes.


The Rock Monster will attack anyone that enters its territory.

He has his first major role in Ronny and The Rock Monster. He is first mentioned by Ronny Flash in his interview, when Ronny questions why he's so angry.

After the interview, Jimmy suggests that Ronny interview the Rock Monster, following with Ronny going into the Dark Lands to interview the Rock Monster.

When they arrive, he tries to throw a boulder at Ronny. However, when Ronny says that he wants to interview the Rock Monster, he agrees.

During the interview, he seems to have a very explosive personality, having an outburst when Ronny refuses to eat his rock desserts, and having another outburst when Ronny asks if he was bullied when he was a pebble.

At the end of the episode, he seems to be easily distracted, as he stopped eating the castle when Jimmy offered to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Colbert faces it down in Fearless Colbert.


  • The Rock Monster eats rocks. His favorite kind is igneous.
    • In addition to this, he also eats Smart Mirrors.
  • He enjoys playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.